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Founder and CEO, David Maymon’s health care experience spans back 15 years. His legal experience in health care stems from four years spent as a litigator that defended hospitals, nursing homes and physicians that were sued for medical malpractice. Transitioning from attorney to entrepreneur, he spent the next ten years opening home health agencies and nurse registries that provided post-acute care to seniors that were discharged from health care facilities. The business grew to span most of Florida. He became intimately familiar with all aspects of acute and post-acute care working with every type of facility ranging from a hospital to an independent living facility.

After growing to one of the largest in the state, in June of this past year, he sold all health care related companies. After taking a few months off, he pondered a great deal about how to stem the tide of frivolous hospital re-admissions. This was important for two primary reasons: 1. It was not in the patient’s best interest; 2. It was a drain on the tax payers. He decided to do something about it-thus the birth of Red Tree Health. Along the way, he somehow found time to engage in all levels of community involvement. From Rotary to a run for the Florida House of Representatives. Last year Governor Scott appointed him to the Broward College Board of Trustees. Community service runs deep in his being.

Quite frankly, that is why I am spending the time on this new company. I have a special nexus to senior citizens. I love being around them. I love helping them. It truly is a passion for me.

The whole idea here is to provide responsive primary care at home to avoid hospital re-admissions.

David Maymon President & CEO


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